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Bluseal Coil Protection

When a heat exchanger corrodes less heat transfer can take place from the refrigerant to the surrounding ambient. Galvanic corrosion will attack the interface between the tube and aluminium fin,  right at the spot where the condenser has its function. In highly corrosive environments bare HVAC coils can lose a major part of their operating capacity within a year from installation. Anti-corrosion coatings will stop the degradation of performance, decrease energy consumption, and save a considerable environmental footprint.

Commonly used solvent-based coatings have major disadvantages, including danger for the applicator, environmentally unfriendly, VOC emissions, and explosive danger. Bluseal coatings have water based coatings that are designed to meet the highest anti-corrosion requirements. Bluseal maintains the original footprint of the manufacturers HVAC&R equipment and contributes to the global objective to reduce VOC emissions. We spray coat heat exchangers in our workshop and can even apply the product at the site for rejuvenation purposes without any environment, safety, or health regulations.

Bluseal offers Mid-Tier corrosion resistance of 15 000 salt spray hours to heat exchangers and equipment installed at C3 & C4 related environments. In highly corrosive environments like C5 and C5-X a High-Tier or Extreme-Tier protection with 20 000  salt spray hours is recommended.

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