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Products & Services
Coil Coating

Water based blue coat can be applied to Micro-channel & RTPT Cu/Ai (Fin).


Coating is suitable for C5 exposure conditions, Food and Beverage processing, Flame and Fire Index compliance, Air Coolers etc

Anti-microbial Coating

Antimicrobial coating that is applied that can stop the growth of disease-causing micro-organisms. 


This approach has the potential to minimise the lifespan of the microbe particles on surfaces, thereby minimising the cleaning cycle and halting the spread of microbe polllution on the surface.

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Service & Maintenance

Routine maintenance is essential

Refrigeration Coating

Treatment to blower coils with Anti-Microbial Coating to reduce spread of microbe pollution on the surface

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Drain Pan Coating

Pan coating is a two-component 100% solid self-levelling coating, applied to drain pans, water boxes etc. 


The corrosion resistance of AA Pan coated drain pans is exceeding the quality of stainless-steel drain pans at less than 30% of the cost.

Component & Casing Coating

Multi AA is a clear coat and High-Tier solution, made possible due to 10,000 hours of Salt spray, UV resistance is applied to HVAC&R unit panels, piping, compressors.

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Anti-Corrosion Treatment

Will prolong the lifespan of your HVAC/R equipment.

Flow Coating

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