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Bluseal Coil Protection

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In New Zealand as we are surrounded by the ocean our HVAC and refrigeration equipment is exposed to harsh coastal conditions. Studies show that salty air on metal materials is so extensive that it can affect structures up to 80km inland. Salt water and salty humid air causes metal to corrode at a faster rate than air with normal humidity.

The benefits of extending the condensers life are endless. This is important if it is installed in corrosive environments eg. near the ocean or industrial settings. This is where you will most likely find corrosive airborne contaminants such as hydrogen sulfide, chlorine and sulfur dioxide. Bluseal Coil Protection is specified for food industry, specified anti-microbial, hydrophilic or hydrophobic properties. In coating your units with Bluseal Coil Protection you will be keeping energy consumption at a minimum, extending the service life of your units.


Bluseal can extend the life of your HVAC system by applying an anti-corrosion coating to the HVAC coil and base. We also offer a coating for the HVAC casing that provides UV protection. Our product has been tested and can withstand offshore conditions.

Bluseal Coil Protection is 100% water based and environmentally friendly.

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